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A New Alternative to Burial or Flame Cremation Contact Us Today 708-606-0211 

Think Outside The Casket!

AquaGreen Dispositions LLC is the first and only "Flameless Cremation" Facility in Illinois and the fourth facility in the funeral industry in the United States. 


Our founder is an Illinois Licensed Funeral Director and a graduate of Worsham College of Mortuary Science in Wheeling, IL.  He has dedicated two years researching and working with numerous professionals to include Flameless Cremation as an approved method of disposition in Illinois to be able to offer this exciting environmentally friendly method to the funeral industry.  We are a small family owned and operated company that treats every family with the utmost respect and compassion.


For years families have mainly been offered two options for final disposition - burial or flame cremation.  AquaGreen offers a new innovative "GREENER" option - Flameless Cremation.  Our trained and licensed staff are here to help you when your loved one passes away.   


Proud Member of Cremation Association of North America


I wanted to thanks you so very much for you grace and compassion that you have showed my family. From this first phone call that I had to make to you to walking us through the entire process; you and the staff at AquaGreen have been phenomenal. Your office is unsuspecting and serene. I was surprised by how clean and how calming the office was. This was one of the most tragic situations that my family and I had to face so far. I believe God sent me to you to take care of my mother in such a way that I know honored her and gave my dad, sister and the grandkids comfort. So want to tell you and your staff that  you are appreciated. I have and will continue to share my experience with AquaGreen with others. Having to lose your loved one is a tedious journey. Having to lose you loved  during a pandemic is even worse. I really want to take the time to say thank you again. I pray that you continue to show the same compassion and grace to other as you have shown to me. God Bless from Bobby, Jennifer and Jenelle R and family.


- Jennifer R


During our time of sorrow my family made the decision to go with flameless cremation.  We had no idea where to start, therefore we searched the internet and AquaGreen Dispositions was there.  After reviewing AquaGreen's website we decided to place a call and inquire.  Mr. Ryan Cattoni explained the process and took time to visit our home instead of our family visiting AquaGreen's location.  Mr. Cattoni was very knowledgeable, kind and understanding.  The care and mannerism he displayed was very genuine and is a gift that cannot be bought.  He really cared about our loved one.  He knew all the right questions to ask and even went above and beyond what we expected.  The process went very smooth with no interruptions and our family cannot thank him enough for caring for our loved one.  I am honored to recommend AquaGreen!!!


-Gale P 


 Losing a loved one is a very difficult time and unfortunately requires handling many details. Working with Ryan at AquaGreen Dispositions made one of the details very easy. He was accessible via phone, text, and email at all times. He was always pleasant, kind, sensitive, and respectful of the emotional situation of losing a loved one. He was helpful in identifying all the steps we needed to take and he even went above and beyond helping us collect some additional information needed for an international situation. I would highly recommend his services and would contact him again in the future without hesitation


-Kelly S

If it's possible to have a "good" experience when making funeral preparations, that is what AquaGreen Dispositions provides. Although Ryan seems impossibly young, he has a passion for this field and even worked to get this technology legal in Illinois. Everything was very up-front and no-pressure, and I was provided complete accurate pricing with my first call. Ryan took care of everything smoothly and professionally just as expected. He cares for your loved one as you would want. I highly recommend Ryan Cattoni and AquaGreen Dispositions

Cynthia R


"I attended a class on death and dying at my synagogue at a time when my husband was termilnally ill.  While I was there, I learned about AquaGreen's alternative to flame cremation.  My husband preferred cremation to burial, and as we talked about what AquaGreen offered we agreed this was by far the best option for our family.  My husband and I shared concern for environmental issues; this made AquaGreen's method particularly important for us.  Ryan answered all of our questions carefully and, when the time came, took care of the final arrangements with dignity and respect.  I wholeheartedly recommend Ryan and his company."

-Heidi L 


"I personally want to thank you for your gracious concern and service after my husband passed away.  I could not have asked for more thoughtful and timely responses on your part.  You were respectful, courteous and made a very difficult time so much easier for me."   


-Mary B 


"Ryan was very professional and easy to work with. Thank you!"

- Kristina R.


"My mother specifically requested an AquaGreen cremation before she passed and I'm glad she did. Ryan was an absolute joy to work with. He was so responsive and courteous compared to another funeral home/director I dealt with.  I highly recommend this form of cremation and especially with Ryan Cattoni."

- Alicia P


"We’re a family that openly discusses illness, death, and dying—a trait that I hope is becoming more prevalent in the U.S.—and we had already been discussing natural (green) burials or alkaline hydrolysis for ourselves.  It’s our intention to be thoughtful and proactive about the disposition of our bodies after death. When a loved one dies, we want to be present both physically and emotionally, and we want to harm the environment as little as possible. It’s so important for these “newer” disposition methods to be available to people like us.


Our experience with alkaline hydrolysis was moving and meaningful. Our funeral

director, Ryan Cattoni of AquaGreen Dispositions in the Chicago area, was helpful and comforting. He took Lydia’s body from the hospital to his funeral home to wash her and prepare her.


When we arrived, he allowed us to spend as much time with her as we needed. We cut locks of her hair, and said goodbye as a family. We watched as Ryan

slipped the metal sleeve holding her body into the chamber. As planned, my husband helped Ryan close the door and pushed the start button, a surprisingly tender moment. 


I found each step in the process to be respectful, appropriate, and even graceful. I’m thankful to Ryan for his part in the dignified disposition of Lydia’s body, and especially grateful that he worked so hard to make flameless cremation a legal method of disposition in Illinois. I felt privileged that we lived near one of only five funeral homes in the country that offered the service. I hope it will soon be a well-known alternative, and available everywhere."

-Elizabeth F.


"I started researching my options in the Chicago area, and eventually ran across AquaGreen Dispositions and their unique method of handling human remains.


Since we came from a family with a pretty heavy scientific background, I was intrigued by the process, and reached out to Ryan to learn more.  Ryan was more than willing to show us his facility and to explain the process.  In retrospect, the two things that I took away were that this was no more "weird" than either traditional cremation or embalming and burial and that Ryan excels at what he does.


Ryan was compassionate without being creepy, had a very businesslike approach to how his services were offered, and charged a fair price.  He also did a great job with customer service, where he could have tacked on a few extra charges but said that the extra things we asked for were already included in the price.


Ryan did an outstanding job on the customer service end and we are very satisfied with how smoothly the whole process went - thanks, again!"

-Jim Z



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